7 reasons to Use Zero VOC Paint

According to a survey by EPA, indoor air is three times more polluted than outdoor air. This is attributed to the toxins in paint used in the interior on the house. Paint with Volatile Organic Compound (VOC) contains toxic substances that jeopardize human health particularly in houses with improper ventilation. Using Zero VOC Paint has many benefits for our health and environment. The benefits include and are not limited to the following.

Improved health
Zero VOC Paint means reduced toxins. Toxins are very harmful to human health especially to those who are sensitive to chemicals or allergic. These toxins have been reported to cause allergies, asthma, bronchitis, nausea, eye irritation, headaches, bronchial and respiratory problems and some instances of cancer. Some health problems can be chronic since the vaporized toxins can be present in the indoor air for long while people continue to inhale it. Long term accumulation of such toxics can have serious health repercussions. As such, this paint is perfect for painting sensitive environments such as homes, schools and hospitals.

Environmental protection
Zero VOC Paint is much safer for the environment. It prevents release of toxic petrochemicals and harmful compounds which pollute the environment. Furthermore, they can be disposed responsibly, thereby reducing contaminants which reduce the ozone layer, preserve the underground water and reduce landfills which pollute land. This is because Zero VOC Paint is made of organic materials which prevent it from producing fumes that pollute the air. As such, they can be disposed responsibly without harming the environment. Good health is highly dependent on a safer environment. This is because the fumes released from toxic compounds can cause serious respiratory issues and diseases.

Enhanced effectiveness of paint
With Zero VOC Paint, you can greatly improve the quality of your overall structures and furniture as it performs well with regards to covering flaws which may be visible from previous paint coats, enhancing scrubability and coverage of surfaces. Furthermore, it allows painted furniture and surfaces such as walls, plasters, timber and plants to undergo a free alternating contraction and expansion process with temperature change. As such, the overall quality is maintained as this process reduces cracking of wood and leaching on painted walls. Consequently, this process preserves a great look of your house in the long run.

Easy to clean
Zero VOC Paint is water-based as opposed to petroleum-based solvents in other paints, and therefore most preferred for an exceptional cleaning and painting experience. Surfaces painted with this paint can be cleaned easily with only water and soap. Unlike other regular paints which retain stains as they can’t be cleaned, this paint allows you to maintain a clean living environment. Furthermore, paints spills on undesired areas can be wiped out easily without leaving marks on the wall. As such, you get a perfect finish just the way you wish.

Low odor
Zero VOC Paint has very low or no hazardous fumes which mean that you do not suffer the odor which is common in conventional paints. During application, this paint has very low odor which disappears immediately the wall of the painted surfaces is cured. There are no odor complaints after the paint is dry. Furthermore, off-gassing is not common and therefore, you can occupy the painted areas without the fear of and odor or fumes.

Non-hazardous waste
The wastes from Zero VOC Paint is environmental friendly since the paint is made of natural and organic compounds which do not inflict challenges to human health and environment when disposed. As such, you do not need to put in place stringent disposal approaches as required for VOC Paint. This improves the cleaning and painting exercise. Regular paint needs to be disposed carefully and this can be very expensive. However, this green paint is substantially cheaper when it comes to waste disposal.

Safe for infants and pregnant mothers
The toxic compounds present in VOC Paint have been reported to be unsafe during pregnancy as it can negatively impact the health of the mother and that of the baby. Also, infants suffer the highest risk of poor health as a result of exposure to harmful toxic fumes. Furthermore, directly or indirectly, the unborn baby can affected during pregnancy. Harmful ingredients found in VOC paints such as glycol have been discovered to cause miscarriages in pregnant women. As such, using Zero VOC Paint allows you to not only enjoy a clean and effective painting experience, but also improve both the quality of indoor and outdoor air thereby keeping you and your family safe.